A philosopher


UX designer

A woman with dark hair in a white T-shirt standing in front of a a background of pile and red plastic flowers. The woman is Giuliana.

I’m a multicultural and analytic UX designer passionate about creating sustainable, accessible, and inclusive experiences. As a philosopher, tutor, and hospitality veteran, I approach design problems with rigorous curiosity, abundant empathy, and pragmatism.


I believe multimodal evidence, thorough conceptual analysis, and free-flowing iteration are necessary for designing aesthetic, useful, and desirable solutions. 


As a human, as well as a designer, I am committed to sustainability, accessibility, and diversity, as well as social, environmental, and economic justice.

I am currently open to full-time roles, contract work, freelance projects, and collaborations.

Check out my work below

Anti-Slavery International

Accessibility Sustainability

A website redesign improving accessibility, sustainability, and user experience.

A peer-to-peer education platform for learners of the skilled trades.



A cross-platform consolidator of all things health.